Web Reboot! Web 3.0! Web…(note, add something cool here later)

So, I’m sure that both my readers have been wringing their hands, wondering whatever happened to the old JasonWinn.com. Please, please calm yourselves. I am still here. You two can leave the bunker now. I have returned to you.

Well here’s what happened. I got a little lost in life, working a highly stressful job. It paid waaaaay more than the old gig, so I kind of had to focus on it. Then I spent two years pondering on what the hell to write next.

The G Crisis has boasted tens of sales over the last three years. Mainly because I didn’t know jack squat about marketing my fabulous novel. But that has not deterred me! I am furiously working on another book right now.

What is it about, you ask? You can only go on living once you know? Well OK, I will tease the premise, Harry Potter meets Breaking Bad. Yes, the favorites of Gen X and you scrappy Millennials will soon collide together in a blood soaked, magic packed epic.

As part of this new series, I realized that I needed to get the old site back online. So here it is. I am a constant Web tinkerer, so expect all sorts of whiz/bang features coming soon.

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