Why Do Writers Blog for Writers?

Answer, they shouldn’t in my opinion. I was pondering this the other day. Why do so many indie writers, the people who are desperate to build an audience and ultimately a following that can earn them a living off their work, keep writing for writers?


You see this all over the indie writer community. They devote almost their entire Web site or YouTube channel to aspiring writers. They write short little Kindle books with ‘expert advice’ for writers. In my mind, there are two major problems with this.

  1. Writers don’t read. Sorry to buck the ‘you need to read to write better’ advice, but this is true. Most us struggling write types only have time to write. We don’t read nearly as much as your typical book worm. We wish we could, but we don’t. I have no empirical evidence to back this up, other than my own situation (kids, job, writing). And, everything I’ve observed as I study the craft. There’s almost no time to sit and enjoy a book, other than when I am commuting to work (audible time). If I have time, I’m writing.
  2. You’re opening yourself up to MAJOR criticism. I’ve seen this a bunch. Writers reciting all the standard points of writing, character development, pacing, dialog, etc; on their Web site or YouTube channel. And then…you read their Amazon reviews. Yeah, they tend not to be very kind. I could list ten examples, but I’m not trying to slam anyone in particular. This is a bad tactic in my mind. Plus, you’re trying to build an army of loyal fans. Why would they give a shit about your writing craft lectures. They should be dying to know when your next book is coming out, or when your next appearance is.

This is why I have decided to limit my posts, tweets, social media-ing to cool shit about me (going to be tough, being a 40 year old dude with 3 kids), and information related to my writing.

If you want advice about writing, I’m happy to share it, but I’m not going to devote my site to blathering on and on about it. In the end, all the advice is already out there. It starts with, writers write.

One thought on “Why Do Writers Blog for Writers?”

  1. And now for an opposing view – I’m an indie writer who enjoys blogging about the craft of writing. I will openly admit that I do it mainly for myself.

    Many writers think most clearly with a pen in their hand. I know I do. This usually means when writing a story, but I’ve also found it’s a powerful way to focus one’s attention on the writing process itself.

    I come across new writing techniques all the time. When I find something cool, I blog about it. It’s like keeping a diary. But more important, I use it as a way to put concentrated thought into whatever I’m studying at the moment, and write it up so I can remember it later. And while it’s not my reason for blogging, if other writers come across my articles and find them useful, super!

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