Going Home to Sell Some Books

I’ll be at the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival on September 23rd. This is a significant event for me for two reasons. One, it is the first time I will be selling my own work at a fest/con/show, ever. And two, it is in my home town of Fredericksburg. So I will be expecting a certain home field advantage when it comes to sales. Read – ‘my mom and dad are guilting their friends and co-workers into coming downtown and seeing their only child trying to pay for their grandchildrens’ college tuition through selling books.’

I kid, but I know they will be beating the bushes for me. Thanks, you two. In any event, I can’t wait to get down there and maybe, just maybe, see an old friend or two from the burg. And, sell 150 books. That’s the goal, anyway.

Following a triumphant return to my home town, I will be off to Warrenton in October to attend the Great Writers, Right Here show. That’s on October 13th, for the two of you reading this blog post by accident.

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